Seasonal Landscaping in Berwyn: Year-Round Yard Care

As seasons change, so do the needs of your landscape. At RLG Landscaping, we understand the rhythmic dance of nature and how to harmonize your yard with the shifting seasons. This blog post will guide you through the essentials of seasonal landscaping and how RLG Landscaping expertly navigates these changes to keep your outdoor spaces vibrant and flourishing all year round.

Spring Awakening: Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. RLG Landscaping kicks off the season with thorough cleanups, removing debris accumulated over winter. We then focus on lawn aeration and fertilization, preparing the ground for lush growth. Spring is also the perfect time for planting a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees that will thrive in the warmer months ahead.

Summer Flourishing: Summer brings with it the full glory of your garden. Our team at RLG Landscaping ensures that your irrigation systems are optimized for efficiency, keeping your plants hydrated during the hotter days. We also implement eco-friendly pest control measures to protect your plants from summer pests. Regular trimming and lawn mowing are essential during this period to maintain the neat appearance of your yard.

Autumn Preparations: As the leaves change color, RLG Landscaping focuses on preparing your landscape for the cooler months. This includes raking leaves, pruning back perennials, and preparing your lawn for winter. Planting fall bulbs is also a service we provide, ensuring a burst of color come spring.

Winterizing Your Landscape: Winter landscape care is crucial for the longevity of your yard. RLG Landscaping provides services like mulching to protect plant roots from freezing temperatures and snow removal to keep your pathways safe and accessible. We also offer tree trimming and removal services, especially for any branches that could become hazardous in winter weather.

At RLG Landscaping, we’re committed to providing comprehensive, year-round care for your outdoor spaces. Each season brings its own set of tasks and opportunities for beauty, and our expert team is here to guide you through them. Contact us to learn more about our seasonal landscaping services and how we can help your yard stay beautiful and healthy throughout the year.